1 John 2:14

…I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one.

Youth Fellowship


The Youth department exists to :-
  • Bring young people in fellowship, discipleship and evangelism. (To equip, uplift and up build  young people)
  • Raise and equip emerging young leaders to serve to the church and society.
  • Empower young people physically, economically, socially and politically.

Core Values

  • Bible and Christ centered service.
  • Democratic participation and inclusiveness
  • Team work and networking
  • Discipline and integrity


Live Connected

We have a strong sense of community


Be Transformed

Our church is open for all social activities


Change The World

We encourage people to learn about God





M/s Ann Wanjiku




Mr. Kelvin Munyithia




Mr. Edwin Wachira




M/s Cynthia Waruguru




M/s Charity Wanjiru




Mr. David Kimani

Who We Are

The PCEA Youth Department came into being by a resolution of PCEA General Assembly (GA) in 1960 to cater for the needs of young people between ages 15-35 years. In inaugurating the Youth department, it was agreed that the department embrace activities of young people and enlist their efforts in the tasks of evangelism and fellowship. Further, the youth department is charged with the responsibility of coordinating all the youth activities, projects and programs through Regional, Presbyterial, Parish and congregational youth fellowship committees

Roles Of Youth Group
  •  To take care, guide and mentor the youth and teens in the parish.
  •  To promote spiritual nourishment among the members.
  •  To develop programmes that enhance social, economic and spiritual growth.
  •  Spiritual- Programmes such as bible study, worship services, outreach and mentorship.
  •  Economic/ financial empowerment through programmes such as professional development, networking and job searching skills.
  •  Social development through retreats, getaways and Volunteer services.
  •  Offer personalized mentorship and counselling to the youth.

Chairperson’s Phone Number

+254723 754 891

Church Location

Soweto Village,

Fellowship e-mail