Judea Church

P.C.E.A Judea Church was started on 1st May 2011 by P.C.E.A Embakasi Parish right at the center of Soweto village, the very heart..

Our Mission is to transform lives in the village by preaching the word of God. Making people know Jesus and get His blessings. We want to build a big community of believers that will help heal the many ills in the village through evangelisation.

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Come to Church

Connecting People to Jesus and One Another

Sunday Services

1st Service: From 8 AM to 10 AM
2nd Service: From 10:30 AM to 1 PM

Weekly District Meetings

Once Every week.

Daily Prayers

From 1 PM to 2 PM

Our History

Since 2011

The church was started by PCEA Embakasi Parish Session under the Leadership of Rev. Jane Wambui Kariuki in line with PCEA Embakasi Parish Strategic plan of reaching out and evangelizing to the people of Soweto Slums of Kayole. It was started on May 1, 2011 in the premises of Presbyterian Education Centre, Soweto. During the opening the procession of the went through the village from Stage 17 to the school. The opening ceremony was graced by the then PCMF director Rev. Charles Kibicho.

The members who were commissioned on that day  were eight in number and became the first ever members of PCEA Judea.  Among them were Elder Geoffrey Mukono Ngaruiya who was seconded by the Session from PCEA Sosian congregation and who was to become its first chairman.

The membership grew rapidly from the eight members that were commissioned that first Sunday to about 70 members by the end of the first year. All the church groups were established by the end of the year 2011 enabling the first LCC to be formed. Elder Lucas Waweru (now Rev. Lucas) was seconded from Embakasi Congregation to Join Elder Mukono in running the Church.

Later in the year 2012, Elders Edward Githae Wanjau and David Kimani Kariuki were seconded to the Church from PCEA Sosian while Elder Lucas Waweru left to take up Ministerial duties as a Minister of word, sacrament and order in Meru. In December 2012 Rev. Jane was transferred to Rungiri Presbytery from Embakasi thus entered Rev. Michael Gichuhi Njige as the new Embakasi Parish Minister in January 2013.

In the year 2016, with the assistance of the Parish, Judea bought two plots measuring 50’X70’ around 300metres from where the Presbyterian Education Centre is. We started to build a sanctuary and by May the stone laying ceremony was done two months later we did an exodus from the school to the church building though not yet complete. By this time Rev. Njige had been transferred to Kajiado Presbytery. Rev. David Njuguna Muthui took over from Rev. Njige.

In the year 2017 PCEA Embakasi Parish was subdivided into two Parishes, Embakasi and Sosian. Judea was paired with Tassia and Sosian to form Sosian Parish under the leadership of Rev. David Njuguna Muthui.

In the year 2018 two more elders were ordained to make the number of elders to five.  In the same years we bought the plot adjacent to us with the help of a loan from Umoja Wendani Sacco.

Today we have five Districts, five elders and a membership of 150.



  • Geoffrey Mukono Ngaruiya – Jericho District.
  • Edward Githae Wanjau – Judea Central District.
  • David Kimani Kariuki – Elshadai District.
  • Rose Mumbi Chabi – Jerusalem District.
  • Mary Wangari Njoroge – Bethany District.





Rev. David Njuguna Muthui
Sosian Parish Minister

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Phone Number

+254723 754 891

Church Location

Soweto Village,