Romans 12:11

Never lacking in Zeal, be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord with a heart full of devotion.



Spiritual maturity of man and service to the Glory of God


To be a united christian force for men of faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Integrity, Faithfulness, Commitment, Humility Passion and Zeal.


Live Connected

We have a strong sense of community


Be Transformed

Our church is open for all social activities


Change The World

We encourage people to learn about God





Mr. John Ndegwa




Mr. Simon Kinyanjui




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Mr. Paul Mungai




Mr. Josiah Muturi




Mr. Samuel Njuguna




Mr. Geoffrey Mukono



At the 1973 General Assembly in the Report on Stewardship it was reported that: ‘There has been great pressure from men to form their own organisation with the aim of bringing men together as a united Christian force, for fellowship, exchange of ideas concerning matters of faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ and other men.

A resolution was passed as contained in Min. 1154, MEN’S ORGANISATION, as follows: ‘The General Assembly learns with great interest the men’s wish to form a men’s organisation in the Church. The General Assembly directs the Stewardship Committee to draft a suitable constitution and present it to the Business Committee for ratification and action.


This resolution was never implemented until 1987. The Session of St Andrews Church, Nairobi, felt the need to strengthen the congregational witness of the Parish members. Sadly, it discovered that the majority of the Church-men, apart from a small percentage of those who are Deacons or Elders, do not have a recognized forum or springboard from which their individual and corporate contribution could be utilized in the Church. As a result, the Session decided to form a men’s organization to address this problem.

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Soweto Village,

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