Boys Brigade

Hebrews 6:19

…both sure and steadfast…
Girls Brigade

Matthew 7:7 & Luke 2:52

Seek, serve & Follow Christ

Who We Are

The Boys’ and the Girls’ Brigade is a Christian Uniformed organization with both International and Interdenominational agenda seeking to realize a better working relationship with the local Boys and Girls in Kenya.

What We Do

Reaching out to the young people nurturing them spiritually.Equipping them with necessary life.

Boys & Girls Brigade



To be a Global Model Brigade.


To train Officers who would see the implementation of Boys and Girls Brigades Motto that; through the four (4) square program that involves the Spiritual, Physical, Education and Social as major activities.

Core Values

Reverence, Integrity, Accountability, Responsible, Self_discipline, Innovation, Team work, Respect, Environmental Conscious.


Live Connected

We have a strong sense of community


Be Transformed

Our church is open for all social activities


Change The World

We encourage people to learn about God





M/s Lilian Wambui




Mr. Stephen Warui




Mr. Stanley Kamura




M/s Margaret Wanjiru




M/s Dorine Wanja




M/s Mary Wangari


The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade were Formed because of a Sunday school teacher Sir W.A Smith. The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade is a uniform Christian organization, denominational, interdenominational, national and international. It is built on two pillars: (Religion and Discipline) the movement later spread to other countries through the mission that were established by the Missionaries. In 1909, Dr J.W Arthur started the first PCEA Boys’ Brigade Company at Kikuyu Mission.


Since 1909 – 1965, the missionaries planted the Brigade work in the companies (congregation) and school mission area. In 1985 the Eleventh General Assembly instructed the Youth Department to start more companies in all the Presbyteries. The purpose being to curb the children who run away after church school, by creating the activities to retain them in the church. This was achieved in 1997, where the 15th General Assembly under resolution 2540 noted with appreciation, the introduction of the Brigade in all presbyteries, and considered it as a standing committee of the church.

Mission Beliefs

  • We are the choice for disciplined youth
  • We provide fun, meaningful with our changing world. and challenging activities
  • We teach, preach Christianity, and live it.
  • We are committed to serve the community.
  • We are enterprising, in tune
  • We engage our stockholders
  • We are for promotion of education, relief of poverty, and protection of children’s rights.
  • We are served and led by the volunteers.

Patron’s Phone Number

+254723 754 891

Church Location

Soweto Village,

Fellowship e-mail